Hi! My name is Amelia, but i go by Amy, Freya and Ame. My pronouns are she/her :)
I'm a mixed media artist (primarily a musician) based in Scotland. I have a Bandcamp where I release my music for free to stream or download, and I soon plan to create an art blog or page on this website soon!

If you want to chat about anything or reach out to me for any reason, the best way to reach out to me is through Discord.
My Discord username is b0aeliel

Awooooo! Awoo! Awoo! Awooooo! Welcome to my Webbed Site, which is still a biiig work in progress :P
i want to try and use this to put things on it and maybe share my music and put lots of little sticker thingies at the bottom too cause that would look cool and all the cool kids have those on their neocities websites these days.

Here are three songs i have made, which again, you can stream and download them for free on bandcamp :)
If you want to use them for anything please do contact me!